TUSLOB BUWA: One of CEBU's Top 10 Most Exotic Foods to Try | Featured in Netflix's "Street Food" Asia | Eat With Me! | Filipino Fondue aka Pig's Brain Gravy

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LET'S EAT PIG'S BRAIN. Are you ready?!🎉


Earlier this week, my bestie and I went to Buwa sa Banawa to eat tuslob buwa. It has been a long time since the last time we went out and ate this Filipino street-food dish.

For people who are not from Cebu, you may wonder:

Tuslob Buwa is defined as "a think gravy made with onions, garlic and pigs brains. This street food dish has been eaten in the Philippines for centuries" according to Reality Titbit's website.

“Tuslob” is Cebuano for “dip” while “buwa” is Cebuano for “bubbles”. The dish’s name is based on the process of eating it. When translated to English, it means “to dip into bubbles”. Tuslob buwa is a simmering pot of bubbling gravy made with pig’s exotic parts, or as Chef Tatung Sarthou puts it — “Filipino fondue”-- Information from Red Maleta.

My first time eating this exotic Filipino dish was in 2020, when I went out with my co-teachers after a long week's worth of school work. I was so hesitant at first because in my mind I was saying like: "OMG am I really going to eat pig's brains? Isn't it kind of...ahm...gross?"

But when I tried to eat it with rice, it did not taste gross, it tasted like soy sauce and chilli flakes so it tasted good, actually. And so I went to eat more of this with my friends earlier this year.

I know that many people have not tasted Tuslob Buwa yet. There are even Cebuanos who have not yet tried eating it (for example, my Mama, does not like to eat because for her what's the point of eating it when there are not much more nutrients we can get).

As a person, I have always wanted to try new things and explore new cultures. It is something that I can identify myself with. Even with food, I do not limit myself to "this-and-that mentality" and try to explore eating different kinds of food, so that I do not become ignorant of the world that I live in.
Why am I sharing this? It is because life's too short not to try to eat foods that "generally scare the life out of you" LOL.

I suggest you give TUSLOB BUWA a try--you might just enjoy this food trip experience! Eat it with your friends and family as it's more delightful to share this exotic food trip with people you love~! ENJOY!

We ordered One Set of Tuslob Buwa (with ten pieces of medium-sized hanging rice), six pieces of dynamite and four pieces of siomai.
The eatery will provide you with a small frying pan and a butane-operated stove. This is where you cook the tuslob buwa!

In Photo: Pork Siomai | Pork Siomai is a traditional Chinese dumpling. This popular dumpling has made its way to the heart of the Filipino’s as evidenced by the hundreds of stalls, eateries, and cafeterias all over the country.
In Photo: Dynamite | Dynamite or Lumpiang Dynamite is a deep-fried Filipino snack consisting of stuffed siling haba (long green chili peppers) wrapped in a thin egg crêpe.
In Photo: Puso | Hanging rice or puso in its local term, is much known in Cebu for its great taste. The rice is placed and cooked inside the woven palm leaves and is afterwards dipped into the boiling water until it gets cooked.


STEP 1: Sautee the white onion with the chilli. Make sure it's cooked well.


In photo: Pig's Brains with White Onion

STEP 2: Put the pig's brain and allow the onion to caramelize with it.

STEP 3: Put desired fish sauce, enough to taste. Stir well.

STEP 4: Put the Abog sa Yawa or the chilli flakes! The amount you put will be based on your preference: put a lot if you want super spicy and less if you want a mild spicy flavour. 🌶

STEP 5: Stir well in medium heat. Mix it until it "bubbles". Set the level to low fire until a froth is formed. You eat this by dipping the puso (hanging rice) into the froth. Enjoy!


Food with Friends!
Good Food with Great Company

I enjoyed my first time experience with tuslob buwa, so I ate this dish again and again. I guess I have tried eating it seven times already. 😁😅 I have always loved friendship talks over food so whenever I eat, I always make sure to invite my friends.

Taken recently, my bestie and I went to Buwa sa Banawa for our lunch!😅

Taken earlier this year, my co-teachers-turned-close friends went to the same Eatery to enjoy some buwa.😁 Hi @hannahs.journey 🤗


After a rather long and stressful and tiresome week of doing Oral Defense schedules for our students, the Research Department has finally decided to eat out on a lovely Friday night. Yay!😍 Hello Ms Apri @ate.eping 😘

Taken last March 2020, my co-teachers and I went to Azul Cebu to experience this "Tuslob-Buwa" Cebuano street-food. Azul is known to be one of the first forerunners of the restaurants in Cebu that offer tuslob buwa. (This dish was originally sold in the streets of Pasil, Cebu City though.)

IMG_20200310_210403 (1).jpg
As you may have seen on our Table Number, the word "Netflix" is there. It is because the "Tuslob Buwa" experience in Azul has been featured in one of the episodes of Netflix's Street Food Asia.

I have enjoyed this exotic Cebuano dish! Have you tried it already? Do share your comments below! If you haven't, then I think this post is a sign that you go ahead and try it! 😘

‘Til the next post, hivers! Remember that you are loved beyond borders and beyond time & space. Okay? Okay. 💛❤️
Ciao for now! 🤗🥰

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