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Thirty Realizations at Twenty-Three πŸƒ
I wrote this as daily reminders for myself.

Back when I was twenty-three in 2017, I used to read a lot of self-help and motivational books and online articles. Every time I had a "Eureka" moment, I write it in my journal. Today, I will be sharing with you wisdom from my 2017 self.


Number One: YOU are still so (so) young. The world is so big and there's got to be a lot to explore and experience.


Number Two: Go travel! You owe it to yourself to do so. Whether that is a local or international trip you have in mind, so long as you keep exploring new places, then keep the ball rolling.


Number Three: Take risks that scare you. Nothing ever grows in one's "comfort zone."


Number Four: It is alright to say "no." You can politely say "NO" to things and people that do not go in line with your life principles.


Number Five: Always find time for a "me-time" at least once a week. Remember: Self-care is important. You work a lot during most of your adult waking hours in order to pay your bills. Have time to relax once in a while after stressing yourself from all the hard work you do.


Number Six: Friendships eventually (gradually) fall apart as you mature. That is just how it is. You will figure out who is for keeps, and who isn't.


Number Seven: Learn to let go of ANYTHING which does not make you happy and fulfilled. Your life is filled with so much drama already, you do not need more.


Number Eight: Take some time off of social media. Or try uninstalling apps. You do not really need to spend "that much" time every day, mindlessly scrolling your phone. Trust me. Your future self will be so grateful!


Number Nine: Do not pretend. DO NOT PRETEND. Be who you really are. It might be cool to "try to be someone" in order to fit in, but it will never bring you any authentic happiness. As Oscar Wilde said, "Be who you are. Everyone else is already taken".


Number Ten: Eating is important. Have your meals. Go eat 'em. Indulge yourself in your healthy and non-healthy cravings! You have been working hard so you have to nourish your body well.


Number Eleven: But sleep is much more important~! A lot of adults tend to sleep less than six to seven hours a day because of "potential overworking." Here is your reminder that you have to make sure your adult body gets enough sleep if you want your future old you to be healthy and fit. There have been countless researches about the importance of sleep, so do not argue with me on this one.


Number Twelve: You do not have to figure it all out. The common lie adults think about and believe is this "I am not where I should be by now. I am already __ years old and I am still here, my life is going nowhere." THIS IS NOT TRUE. The truth is that there will never be a certain age wherein we will feel like we have figured everything in life--that is just how life works. Stop being melodramatic and stop being TOO HARD on yourself.


Number Thirteen: Kindness is possessed by courageous hearts. Be kind. Always. More than necessary.


Number Fourteen: Everybody has been through things that made them who they are. NEVER JUDGE. Instead, EMPATHIZE.


Number Fifteen: Yeah, remember that everyone is fighting battles you never know about.


Number Sixteen: Remember to trust your gut, girl! (~Gutfeelings tell you something your brain won't make sense of.~)


Number Seventeen: When you love a person, tell him/her. Say "I love you" as much as possible, and always mean it.


Number Eighteen: Do not "easily" trust other people, may it be your colleagues or workmates. Keep a casual and professional wall, do not "easily" submit and "tell-all". Bottom line: Office gossip is never ever a good thing so before you think about getting into it, don't. Just don't. (I kinda learned this the hard way. Huhu)


Number Nineteen: This brings me to say that do not be too attached or clingy to whomever you feel comfortable with at work or in a professional industry unless there is an unexplainable "connection" and a huge possibility of becoming "really" close friends. (Sidenote: I wrote this when I was let down by a friend I made at work. I was kinda "gullible" when I first worked, fresh from college, and I tend to easily trust others way, way too easily. I thought I made a friend but little did I know that the person was just "spying" on me, so that this person can make some gossip, etcetera. I was badly hurt that time.)


Number Twenty: It is TRULY normal to feel "lost" at times. You are in your twenties--OF COURSE, YOU WILL FEEL THIS WAY. But that is perfectly NORMAL so do not fret. You'll eventually get "there", wherever "there" is for you.


Number Twenty-One: Remember to appreciate "you" for all the effort and hard work. Day in and day out, you choose to show up. You work. So, sip your coffee. Take that bottle of wine out. Celebrate your small and big victories.


Number Twenty-two: EXERCISE MORE! YES!! Move that lazy butt and get to work! Your body will eventually deteriorate as you get older--FACT. So you better take good care of it so that the "old you" can enjoy that body as much as this "young you" can enjoy it.


Number Twenty-three: Try to EAT healthily. Whatever you feed your body will eventually fuel your mind. You need your mind every single day, right? Right. So, try to eat "healthy". I mean veggies-and-fruits kind of healthy.


Number Twenty-four: Take some time to eat outside (maybe in a great restaurant to your liking), relax, drink, have fun! Have destressing activities at least once or twice a month. Go meet your best friends while you're at it--the more the merrier!


Number Twenty-five: It is fine to look back at your "TEENAGE" years and feel that sudden sense of victory at "how far" you have grown, or the sense of regret over the things you "should have done" but failed to do so.

Number Twenty-six: It is NORMAL if you miss your past, by the way.


Number Twenty-seven: READ. READ! Yeah, read. (Bonus hint: The smell of printed books adds to a wonderful reading experience.) Reading will expand your mind.
Number Twenty-eight: Learn about finances, financial stability, handling money so that you won't be clueless when you reach your thirties. And please, do NOT, as much as possible, not engage yourself with debt. No.


Number Twenty-nine: Be curious and have an open mind. The possibilities are ~literally~ endless and you have to go out there and live a little adventure-- whatever adventure may look like to you.
Number Thirty: When you have thoughts you want to write, write them anyway. You'll never know how much it would liberate you "in a sense". WRITING IS THERAPEUTIC.


Now at Twenty-Seven
How's life been after four years?

UPDATE-- I am thankful for that twenty-three version of me, for the pieces of advice that helped me to push myself to be better than who I was yesterday.

Well, I can say that the greatest lesson and advice that has changed me A LOT would be to make peace with death-- something that my twenty-three version was not wise enough to know yet. But I do know now. And that advice has changed the way I view my problems and successes in life.


Since I know that I can die anytime, it makes me prioritize and value the ~truly~ important things in life. And to not let anything be taken for granted (but sometimes I fail at this huhu).

I began to cultivate gratitude. I try to remind myself to be thankful for this borrowed life and to extend love and be gentle to the people who are in my life as well. It is as important, too, to love God first, to love my neighbours next and myself last. Every single day is an uphill battle.

And who really knows what life is and how to live life except those who already died and lived, right? So there is really no one sure strict way to live out your twenties, your life. But there is one way to live one's life that can secure eternity, that I am sure. I hope and pray that you find it, friends.


β€˜Til the next post, hivers! Remember that you are loved beyond borders and beyond time & space. Okay? Okay. πŸ’›β€οΈ

Ciao for now! πŸ€—πŸ₯°

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