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Monday this week October 11th, I invited my co-teachers for their first-ever Hive Meet-up hosted by none other than Ms Gilaine @purepinay. As always, Ms Gil is very generous with her time, knowledge and resources as she presented Hive to my co-teachers who recently onboarded, namely: @ate.eping, @hannahs.journey, @charisse.craves, and the father of one of our co-teachers, Sir @carlito.writes. Ms Gil was very kind to offer her place for the venue of this meeting. We went to the library area so as to limit distractions. Here are some important highlights of the meeting:

  • Ms Gil asked my co-teachers how was their Hive experience so far (they have been on this lovely platform for five weeks already)
  • My co-teachers were also asked what is their opinion of Hive and what it means to them
  • The importance of consistency and engagement (commenting, posting, re-blogging, interacting with members) in the platform
  • The concept of the rewards pool and the necessity of having quality content that you bring to the community
  • Quick discussion on the difference of Hive Power, Hive tokens, and Hive Back Dollars as well as Voting Mana and Resource Credits and how to maximize its use
  • The significance of the different Hive keys and their uses
  • Voting for witnesses

Ms Gil has only discussed a few items on the agenda so as not to do "information overload" on all of us lol. Since it was the first meet-up, only the basic and deemed important topics were discussed and explained. It was just a few topics but it took consumed two hours and a half because there were some questions asked and a few concerns raised. Ms Gil has prepared snacks for everyone but since it was almost dinner time, she ordered dinner for us. We all felt deeply grateful for her generosity and lovingkindness. Thank you so much @purepinay, for your time and leadership and for guiding us all through our Hive journey. We could not have been where we are if it weren't for your encouragement, support and leadership.


Ms Gilaine in action, while we were busy taking down notes.

@asasiklause Klause was so generous for not minding sharing his time and experience in Hive with the rest of us. Thank you!😘
A special shoutout to this beautiful, supportive and loving leader who is so passionate about sharing her vision for Hive and giving her best to lead the team. You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for caring for us and for building our beautiful Cebu community. YOU ARE AWESOME @purepinay AND DO NOT LET THE WORLD DULL YOUR SPARKLE~!😘



@ate.eping, @hannahs.journey and @carlito.writes are all busy taking down notes and being fully present in the meeting that has transpired-- caught on cam~!😍

Some of the ever-supportive Team Cebu members were there to take these photos for us, thank you kindly: @gerel and @asasiklause for snapping us these wonderful pictures and documenting this momentous day. πŸ’•

Purepinay with @hannahs.journey Both so pretty--inside and out!

Purepinay with @carlito.writes Trust what the shirt says.

Purepinay with @ate.eping Both so blooming and inspired!

All smiles after the meeting. Yas, it was a success~!
"The community is the leader!"😊

Since it is not allowed to eat in the library, we had to move to another place to eat. By "we" I mean @gerel and @asasiklause moved and brought the snacks basket to the "bahay-kubo" or the nipa hut area. It was a lovely place to spend the afternoon, don't you agree?✨

The food and drinks were all set. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BAKING US THESE MARVELOUS SCRUMPTIOUS CAKES FROM SCRATCH, @purepinay and @gerel 😍 Your efforts are much appreciated and we are ever grateful for having such awesome hosts for our meet-up. 😊

Thank you for being so kind as to serve us the food, @asasiklause, we appreciate it much😊 Thank you for taking the photos, @gerel 😊


We talked about a range of different topics from "how to be a vegan" to "classroom teaching experience and strategies". It was enjoyable and there was never a dull moment. We shared laughter and so many interesting and inspiring stories over food, with friends who are now family-- what could be more exciting than that, right? πŸ’–

We were also able to share our excitement for the upcoming thrilling Hive Cebu events, including the most-awaited Hiveloween 2021~!😍

All smiles for the camera.πŸ₯³



Before I end this post, I would like to share that I am one of the lucky few in the world who have found true home in my current chosen field of endeavour (blogging). I am surrounded by wonderful, loving, supportive, encouraging and caring individuals who foster acceptance, trust, love and kindness amongst one another and I CAN NEVER BE MORE GRATEFUL THAN FINDING A HOME IN EACH OF THEM. Thank you for the generosity and willingness to extend your valuable time in building this meaningful community and for giving us the liberty to be our true selves. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL, MY HIVE CEBU FAMILY, FOR THE LOVE AND UNWAVERING SUPPORT 😘😭 @purepinay @sassycebuana @explorewithsasha @gerel @asasiklause @itsmiessyonpeakd @cheerupwithjl @morenatravels @gwenfinity @kcwonders @swaycanete @thejoeprocess @krystalogue @gioxide.arts @eeventuree @hannahs.journey @ate.eping @charisse.craves @carlito.writes @filipinajourney @meysa @simpledemple @uebermensch @hiraya @chriscapes @jacoblayan @sorenkierkegaard @thekobego @itskach @zakiyahzayn

(PS, I am excited to see you all on our Hiveloween 2021!)

I am so grateful and I consider myself more than blessed to be a part of the growing Hive Cebu Bloggers Community (HCBC)^^ family because in a few weeks' time it has already become like a home to me.πŸ’•

^^here is our Official Facebook Page if you want to be updated on our upcoming events and activities

β€˜Til the next post, hivers! Remember that you are loved beyond borders and beyond time & space. Okay? Okay. πŸ’›β€οΈ
Ciao for now! πŸ€—πŸ₯°

The photos are from @gerel, @purepinay and @ate.eping 's camerasπŸ’–
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