The First-Ever LEYLAM Shawarma Drive-Thru Store in Cebu (and in the Philippines) Is Now Open! For All Busy Working Shawarma Lovers, This One's For Us

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Have you been craving for your favourite shawarma wrap but you are in a hurry and in between meetings, and as you drive, you wished you can have a go for a drive-thru shawarma goodness? Guess what? You have been heard! The first-ever LEYLAM Drive-Thu is FINALLY OPEN to the public! πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³ They opened last September 28, 2021. The Leylam Shawarma Drive-Thru is located in V. Rama Avenue, Cebu City. AND HERE IS THE BEST PART: IT IS OPEN 24/7! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜

LEYLAM offers a Turkish-inspired menu, with the inclusion of its flagship food, the famous shawarma, which is available in the classic pita bread wrap, and now with noodles and rice as well. Their other must-try products on the menu include the crispy shawarma and sizzling shawarma. You can visit their Facebook page for more details and updates on their newly opened store and the price list of their menu as well. You may click here to be redirected to their FB Page. 😘

Leylam is known as the Philippines' largest shawarma chain. Many Filipinos have come to love it, and I am a part of that statistics. πŸ˜πŸ˜… I have loved their shawarma since 2017~!πŸ’•

This is how the concept store looks like from afar.
It looks like a big black boat, I guess.
This is how the left side of the outer part of the store looks like.
The door! As you can see, the security guard is opening the door, and before entering the premises, one's temperature must be checked, for health reasons.
This alfresco dining area outside the store is cute with its cutesy chairs and umbrella.
This alfresco dining area outside the store is cute with its cutesy chairs and umbrella. (This is the right side of the store.)
This is the view from where I was seated when I visited the store.
As you can see from here, there are stools inside the store for dine-in, but there are no big tables for sharing. So if you come to visit with your friends, you may have to be seated outside.
I appreciate this brick wall with the lively plants.
The crew of the Leylam store are so busy preparing the to-go orders of the customers.
This is the counter area.

πŸ‘‰LEYLAM WRAPS: Beef/Chicken/Vegetable PHP 80
If with Cheese- PHP 95
If with Egg- PHP 100
If with Cheese and Egg- PHP 115

πŸ‘‰LEYLAM RICE Bowls: Beef/Chicken PHP 90
If with Cheese- PHP 105
If with Egg- PHP 110
If with Cheese and Egg- PHP 125

πŸ‘‰LEYLAM NOODLES: Beef/Chicken PHP 90
If with Cheese- PHP 105
If with Egg- PHP 110
If with Cheese and Egg- PHP 125

πŸ‘‰MELTED PITA - Beef PHP 90 and Chicken PHP 90

πŸ‘‰CRISPY SHAWARMA - Beef PHP 110 and Chicken PHP 110

πŸ‘‰TURKISH SIZZLING SHAWARMA - Beef PHP 100 and Chicken PHP 100 (Add-Ons: Cheese PHP 115, Egg PHP 20)

The dining space inside the store is a bit spacious as well.
This is where the Drive-thru customers order.
My bestie Ayel and I. As they say, food is best when shared, and we cannot agree more! πŸ€—
We ordered Leylam's classic spicy beef wrap and crispy beef shawarma. NOMNOOOMMMM~!πŸ˜‹
Their crispy beef shawarma not just looks good but it TASTES SO GOOD as well~! I particularly love the crispy goodness!😁
Here is a close-up photo of their tasty classic beef shawarma wrap. This one's really good, I enjoy their yummy sauce on the wrap. 😍


This is a cute lovely spot, don't you think?
I took a photo of the outside of the store while I was eating and enjoying my shawarma.

Their crew was very busy when we arrived and when we left the store.
The manager of the store offered to take a photo of me.✌️

This is how Leylam Store looked like from across the street.

I will surely come back and eat again! Aside from the store is very accessible, the staff is friendly and their shawarma always satisfies my cravings.

Visit the first-ever drive-thru Leylam store and grab your shawarma fill now!πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

β€˜Til the next post, hivers! Remember that you are loved beyond borders and beyond time & space. Okay? Okay. πŸ’›β€οΈ

Ciao for now! πŸ€—πŸ₯°

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