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I was too excited when my bestie-and-older-sister-from-another mother Ms Jazzy asked me to be her Maid of Honor. It was the very first time I was invited to become one (screams inside in excitement). I was more hyped when she invited me to look for a possible wedding venue for her dream garden wedding. Today, let me take you to TWO resorts in Lipa, Batangas in search of "the perfect wedding place"!πŸ’‘

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Before I begin the "Day Tour" to Lipa, Batangas, let me give you a run-through as to what you can get from this Travel Post:

One: I will provide you with the location of the places along with a Google Map screenshot to guide you, should you plan to visit.
Two: I will give you general information as to what the resort has to offer. There are, of course, photos of the places, as this is after all a travel blogpost.
Three: I will share with you my insights on whether the place is a good one to have a garden wedding.
Four: As a conclusion to the post, I will tell you my general perspectives about looking for "the perfect" place for a wedding, based on the thoughts of the groom and bride I have done this Day Tour with.

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Let's start exploring Lipa, Batangas!πŸ₯°

Palazzo Antonio
Our First Destination

Palazzo Antonio collage.jpg

The first stop of our Day Tour today is Palazzo Antonio. 😍

Palazzo Antonio is a hotel, resort, and convention area all in one. Located in Lipa City, this multi-purpose palace is the perfect wedding venue in Batangas for couples who are looking for a large space to decorate for their special day. The event space is so spacious that it can fit numerous tables and chairs as well as a fully equipped stage.
The ocular visit is available Monday to Sunday from 8 am-6 pm and please look for Ms. Claire. The contact number is (043) 404 9356. For an appointment, you may call 0936-041-0799. The exact location is Barangay Tibig 4217 Lipa City, Philippines. Below is a map that shows you the direction from Lipa, Batangas to Palazzo:


When you drive towards the place, their signage will greet you.
This fountain looks like it can be a place in Rome, right?





This is Ms Jasmin, (Miss is my endearment to her hehe) the blushing bride in a green dress. The color of the dress is perfect for Christmastime. Yay!😍
Merry Christmas from Palazzo!
This is their Waiting Area/ Lobby. This is where we waited when we asked if we can take a look at their place.

I adore the design of their light fixtures.
We are in Prague! Lol. The bride and the maid of honor. Ayiee.
This is the door leading to the garden. This is where the Bride awaits. When the wedding starts, the doors then open to reveal the blushing bride. 😍
This gives you a glimpse of the size of their garden. If you choose to have a garden wedding here, the guests that can attend the wedding ceremony may be lesser than your actual number of guests. That leads me to say that this may be the perfect place for your "pandemic" intimate garden wedding since the space is a bit small. πŸ’–
This area is poolside near the villa. When you plan to have your wedding here, you may want to book an overnight stay, right? The villa for the guests has this beautiful swimming pool nearby.

For me, the swimming pool is big as it can accommodate up to 25 to 35 guests swimming together.

The groom took a photo of us because he was fascinated by how much the two of us are so keen on giving our comments about each bit of the place.πŸ˜… This is us captured capturing photos of the place-- which we both enjoy doing.
I was so happy to be a part of the wedding prep journey huhuπŸ˜­πŸ’šπŸ’›

This gorgeous area leads to the villa where the guests of Palazzo can stay. I both love the architecture and the interior design of this place! It is beaming with life~! 🌱🌿
Glass roof, anyone?
This is the second swimming pool in the place and as you can see it is near another villa. It's quite a view, isn't it?

I love this area near the pool because this is a perfect spot to relax and chill. πŸ’™
I feel like I am in another country haha🌞
They have a wedding scheduled the day after we visited so that explains there are flower designs near the door of the convention area. πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸ’œ





This is the Rest Room near their Convention Hall.

Is it perfect for a garden wedding? My Thoughts

My answer is both YES and NO.πŸ’ž
YES, if you plan on having an intimate garden wedding. I personally love the garden area. I am pretty sure, with just the right accent and decor, it would turn into a paradise-like scenery.
NO, if you want a garden wedding with more than 150 guests. You do not want too much crowd during a garden wedding, right? Since the space can be a bit small, it may not be ideal for a big number of people.

Let it be known that their wedding package is NOT cheap because as you may have seen, Palazzo Antonio offers a great and world-class worthy resort experience to its guests. πŸ’›

Baserri de Lipa
Our Last Destination

Baserri De Lipa Collage.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Junel and Jasmin--the groom and bride!πŸ˜πŸ’ž
This is the gazebo where garden weddings are held in Baserri de Lipa.
Here is a Map to show you the location.

FAST FACTS about Baserri de Lipa:

Cold climate all year-round, fresh air, lush greens...that's what Baserri is all about. Nestled at the foot of Mount Malarayat, Baserri is the perfect place for some time to relax and unwind with family and friends. This 5-hectare farm property is strategically located at Sto. Nino, Lipa City, just an hour and ten minutes away from Alabang via the STAR Toll. Whether it's an intimate gathering you're planning, a company outing, team building or seminar, an affair to remember like a baptism, birthday or wedding; there are infinite possibilities that they can offer. Click here for their official website.

Their contact numbers are 0917-325-0113, (02)842-7547, and (02)946-1698. They are located in Barangay Sto. NiΓ±o Lipa City, Philippines.

What they Offer: Free parking, Free Wi-Fi, Swimming pool, Family-friendly environment and they have Air-conditioned Rooms (and SERENITY AND PEACE AND NATURE)πŸ’š

Before you can reach the gazebo, you have to cross this wooden bridge. The groom told us to pose a photo, and so we did HAHA. (BTW, the husband of Mizz Jaz is into photography. I will post the Christmas Photoshoot soon on the blog. ^winks)
#maidofhonor and #bride on the bridge in BaserriπŸ˜…πŸŒ΄
Let us hold on for dear lifeπŸ˜„πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄
So many of these wildflowers are everywhere in the area. LoveeeπŸ’›
Look up!

Swimming pool area of the place. Not bad, eh?
This is the reception area after the wedding ceremony. It could accommodate about 100 guests more or less. There were designs when we went here since there was a wedding scheduled that week. πŸ˜…


I love the nature vibes of the swimming pool--it is so relaxing~!🌴🌴🌴


Their villa is SOOOO CHARMING!πŸ’›β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ₯°
I LOVE IT.πŸ˜πŸ˜˜βœ¨πŸ’–
It is in the details indeed.
When I saw this space, I cannot help but take pictures because it is such a cutesy space huhu I wish I can own a house so that I can decorate it as well.πŸ™
"Oh Crepe and other Things we Say During Breakfast"πŸ˜…πŸ˜


I can picture out a great summer calming fun as I unwind and destress. A swimming pool with nature as my view? Yes and yes, please!!🌴

I can picture out myself getting a decent blanket and setting a picnic by this area.πŸ’š




Mizz Jazzy😘πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Are they perfect for a garden wedding? My Thoughts πŸ₯°

YES~!! It is because the place is relaxing and naturally cold all year round, as it is strategically located near Mt. Malarayat. Their gazebo gives you that "magical" effect like the ones you just read about in fictional books--so I guess it would be great for a garden wedding. When your guests stay here, they can enjoy the swimming pools plus they can also de-stress from the busy city life and be recharged by the beauty of nature (I can do and use some nature trips all year round huhu). The wedding package is reasonable and you have the option to get a caterer from outside if you wish. Their villas are so adorable (and Instagrmmable, too). I would definitely recommend this place for your garden wedding. πŸ˜˜βœ¨πŸ’–πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸŒΈπŸŒΊ

My general thoughts about looking for "the" perfect place for a wedding.
Tips and Suggestions from the Bride and Groom

I was able to ask the groom and bride as to their concept of the "perfect" wedding place. The groom just told me (not exactly the words but you get the gist), "You have to ask the bride because all I want for her is to be happy on our wedding day. So she's the boss. As they say, a happy wife equals a happy life".

So I turned to the bride and asked her what she wants for a dream wedding. Mizz Jaz said she always wanted a Church wedding growing up but somehow it changed when she was in her twenties. She wanted to have a garden wedding instead! She mentioned that the perfect place is different for every bride. The important thing is that the bride knows what place makes her feel the most special-- after all: it is her wedding day!

Here are some practical tips from the groom and the bride:
a. The wedding place is ultimately decided by the Bride (happy wife = happy life principle) and agreed upon by the Groom.
b. The place should make the wedding ceremony "extra" special. The place should NOT be what draws the people--it should be the sacred wedding rites. The place is just an "add-on" to the sacrament of marriage.
c. A practical tip, if it ever is so possible, would be it should be an accessible place for the groom's and the bride's families.
d. The notion of "one standard perfect place" to get married is FALSE. It should be about the couple's joined decision where to get married and it should not come from external sources pressuring them that this-and-that is the best place to get married. As they say, "getting married is a bit hard but staying married is the hardest" so couples should not focus on having a "perfect wedding" but instead strive for a healthy-and-joyful (not perfect) marriage. What matters most is the happenings after the wedding because the wedding is just the start of a lifetime of togetherness.

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β€˜Til the next post, hivers! Remember that you are loved beyond borders and beyond time & space. Okay? Okay. πŸ’›β€οΈ

Ciao for now! πŸ€—πŸ₯°

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