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For today's post, I am sharing the things I have written in my journal as I reflected on my own experience during the silent days of lockdowns and the series of quarantines.

Written last May 9th 2020: the first quarter of the Lockdowns

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Number 1. Life has always been uncertain. Nobody has been prepared to face the COVID-19 pandemic. We were all taken aback by how the world ~literally~ stopped. However, the question "But where do I go from here?" is not just being asked now, but this has been asked long before this pandemic. People have always been unsure of their direction. The big question here is: Who do we go to in times of uncertainty? Who is "our certainty"?

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Number 2. When stripped of the fancy jewels, the poshest clothing, the trendiest most luxurious lifestyle-- everyone begins to understand that people are, well, people. We're all here trying to survive. We hunger for affection, love, care, comfort, respect. Rich or poor, people are people. Humanity's need for survival is at its core. And it's real. It's pulsating. Vicious.

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Number 3. Now more than ever, more and more houses are becoming real homes-- structures made by the love of the human beings that made them. This Great Pause Button of 2020's goal is for families to be made stronger together.

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Number 4. In the mundane things of everyday life-- the real, raw, unfiltered ones-- I realized that truly, the little things in life that we often do not notice, are what makes life worthwhile. And these little things? Are for us to discover. And when we do, we'll live life a bit more differently than we now do. One little thing we often neglect is the sunrise. I have a challenge. Imagine missing just one sunrise. You do not wake up for one sunrise. How would that change your attitude towards it? Won't you be more grateful for waking up every day and your fresh mornings?

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Number 5. Humans as we are, we always instinctively think of what we "want" first, then what we "need" next. What's happening right now is certainly not what we want, but what if this is what we need? Have you heard of the expression, "I need a break!" Well, the Universe has responded! We need to slow down and pause and re-evaluate our lives. This is the break we needed.

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Number 6. The cliché "everything happens for a reason" pops out whenever a "serious problem" is yours for the taking. As I read it again, and try to figure out its message, I think I am starting to understand. I hope you do, too. Also: the thing is, the "reason" almost is always for our benefit, our advantage. Trust me on that one. Had it not been for the pandemic, you wouldn't have realized to value your family more or your health more because you have been so busy chasing your career and money.

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Number 7. It is understandable that many, many people are angry, blaming others because this pandemic "ruined" their lives. Blaming can only do as little as much to the problem at hand-- actually, it does not solve the problem. Blaming also plants a seed of anger at one's heart, which turns into poison, and can hurt the person more than that person would want to hurt others he/she wants to blame. Blaming is pointless, and also can hurt you more than you can imagine.

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Number 8. "If only there's no covid-19, things would've been so great, so perfect, so amazing, etcetera, etcetera." Well, the thing with "If Onlys" is that IT IS NOT REAL. The more one tries to imagine this-and-that, the quicker bitterness and anger would snatch one's joy of "the present" moment. Sure, many great summer plans are cancelled, but that does not mean your happiness and joy are cancelled, too. Happiness has always been a choice and not a result of something. Remember that.

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Number 9. The power of choice. "To be or not to be?" Perspective. In this time of crisis and uncertainty and sorrow, wherever you are, you actually have the power to choose-- whether you keep on blaming so-and-so for what's happening to you, or you make a courageous effort to begin to own your choices and embrace life as it is unfolding now--today, the present-- and that there's no one else to blame for what you feel but you. Be courageous! Embrace what's happening now rather than deny your reality. Take part in what's happening in your life and take charge of your emotions and choose to see things from perspectives of experience.

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Number 10. Learn to forgive. (Learn to also accept the apology you never got.) The most difficult yet most liberating thing to do. "To err is human; to forgive, divine." Forgiveness allows healing. As many are in their homes, the liberty of time makes it a good opportunity to pause-- really pause-- and reflect on the past few months, few years. Looking back, along the way, where can forgiveness come in? To forgive others-- and to forgive oneself-- can only happen when one opens his/her heart.

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Number 11. Relationships keep us sane. We have realized the true value of our families, that indeed, our families are there to pick us up whenever we are too low to be on our own. We have come to know of our genuine friends who are not just there when it's all good, but friends who are there in these dark moments, too.

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Number 12. People are naturally scared of "death". We are wired to instinctively survive-- TO LIVE. To fight in order to live. Nobody loves loss-- death. And the current news happening around the globe nowadays inform us of deaths. It's happening every day. I've read somewhere that "death is the great equalizer" of human beings. Rich or poor-- one way or the other -- we humans are going to die. With this cringe-worthy thought, who in the world is ready for his/her death? And, how does one prepare for death?

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Number 13. For the past decades and centuries, we have been human "doings". Now is the time we can be back to become human "beings" once and for all.

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Number 14. Indeed health is wealth! With the spread of the virus, we have been vigilant with our hygiene and our health. We have strongly realized that no amount of money can equate to how important our health is! When we are healthy, we can do lots of things.

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Number 15. God is in control. He is orchestrating everything for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. No matter how hard we try, we can never end the pandemic as soon as we would want to. But we know that with God, everything is possible! We know that He will end this pandemic in its due time and season. Trust that God has brought us here so that our character can be made stronger.

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Those are some of the many things I have realized during lockdowns and several quarantine scenarios.

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Which realization/s has/have resonated with you the most? Please do share in the comments below! 💜

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‘Til the next post, hivers! Remember that you are loved beyond borders and beyond time & space. Okay? Okay. 💛❤️

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