My Entry for the #Monomad Challenge

Here is my entry to the #Monomad Challenge for this week.

Below are photos I took when I visited Batangas. I hope the captions resonate with the photos.

Looking back, I ask myself, how many "I regret I have done it" do I have more than my "I should've done it". What's stopping me to take risks? Am I really missing out on the world? Dear future me when you read this: I hope you have had a life well-lived and heart that loved and loved. I hope you were brave enough to take chances and risks. I pray you had your adventure and went to answer the Call of the Unknown. But whatever you came to be, Future Me, know that I will always be proud of you. You have come this far.
Plane rides give us so much scope for the imagination, wouldn't you agree?
Every time I ride a plane, my brain would think of so many thoughts that I never got the chance to sleep on any plane ride--ever! Sometimes I think about danger, "what if the plane crashes?" I know this is the worst question to think about when one is on a plane, but I cannot help it, and feel it in my heart as well. Now, of course, it gives me such a thrill, and my blood rushes to every vein in my body. I know it is not a good kind of adrenaline, but it is an adventure for me, I suppose. There are also times when I think about all the lives my co-passengers have. I'd like to think that this busy looking-man in his nice suit is on a business trip, as his nose is constantly on his phone and laptop. The girl beside me, who's constantly updating her social media during the flight, must be afraid of FOMO and has to keep up with everything that is happening. The woman across me is a busy mother attending to her two children who seem to be uncomfortable during the ride.

Then my mind begins to wander. "What if I do not take the flight back home--would it make all the difference?" There are infinite possibilities of what might happen during a plane ride, that is for sure and certain. "What if those were the last words I have spoken to my family and friends and I crash along with the plane, will I regret the things I have said, or the things I left unsaid?" "What if I meet a man who is ever so interesting as we share a conversation on the plane, and before I know it, I like him so much, only to find out that he is rather preoccupied to think of a thing such as romance?"

It was a wedding I could not forget. Love is a gift.
I envy you koi fishes for all the liberty you have!
Can all these chocolates in black and white drown the bitterness in one's heart?

If we were to have another way of looking at things, oh, how this world could've been so, so much better for people who are considered "different", and how it would've saved us from all unncessary wars?
Set up a table for eight. Sadness, confusion, loneliness, worry, anxiety and uncertainty are excited to pay us a visit, my dear.
Isn't it lovely when we take a fresh perspective at things we used to see and view it differently? See. It was there. It was right there all along, had we looked and looked.
At the moment, I am gathering my thoughts, before I become mute when I see your stunning face.
You have the taste for sweets, am I right, my love?
The roads we take in life are the results of the choices we make. Are you happy with where you are? If not, then, consider re-evaluating your choices. I pray you choose the most fulfilling path for you and for others.
You begin to realize that there are so many different ways of looking at things. As you consider changing your views in life, your mind will widen and surely your choices will be as numerous as you set your mind on. Nobody can limit you unless you consent it to. Your mind is your own.
I hope you will have a big, big appetite for life. The world is wide and the universe is as infinite as your thoughts, so why settle? Go and dream on. Have the courage to pursue where your heart leads you to. Onto adventure!

β€˜Til the next post, hivers! Remember that you are loved beyond borders and beyond time & space. Okay? Okay. πŸ’›β€οΈ

Ciao for now! πŸ€—πŸ₯°

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