Mukbang (먹방) at HAN PORK | Unlimited Samgyeopsal with Ten TASTY Side Dishes for Only 330 PHP | FOOD REVIEW

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Unlimited Samgyupsal for 330 Philippine Pesos

What you can expect: Unlimited pork and unlimited side dishes, too
Price: 330 Philippine Pesos
Location: Mango Square, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City Philippines
Contact Number: 0927 514 2192
Social Media: Han Pork Official Facebook Page

I hope you're hungry for some samgyupsal unli!😅
As you can see in the photo above, then are ten side dishes, plus three more: soup, rice and lettuce/pechay leaves. I will share in detail the ten dishes below. 😘

HAN PORK: Unlimited Samgyupsal for 330 Philippine Pesos

Presenting the ten (10) tasty side dishes which are "unlimited" too. Yummm. 😍
Their chicken is SOOOO GOOD! It may be a "side dish" but it is so flavorful. In fact, my friend who doesn't like samgyupsal but was forced to join us liked the chicken and it was the dish she kept eating LOL it was "Unli-chicken" for her haha😅
The egg roll is not bad. The marinated pork tastes GOOD!
What I like about their kimchi is that it is just the right amount of spicy. (It is not the most flavorful kimchi I have tried though.)
Their gimbap, also romanized as kimbap, tastes fine for me, considering that it is but a "side dish" only. The candied Korean sweet potatoes called goguma mattang is a bit hard as you eat, but it tastes yum.
The Korean spiced cabbage coleslaw tastes fine for me, but my friend who doesn't appreciate Korean cuisine hates it HAHA.
I LOVE THEIR TTEOKBOKKI!! In fact, when I visit Han Pork, I always have more than three orders of this. 😅😍 Their japchae is so savoury, their Cook must be good. 👌
Dessert alert~! If you like sweet with a little creamy and sour kick for dessert, then you would like their macaroni salad.

Cookin' and Eatin' Time!
Gals in Action (haha)

Me checkin' on the samgyup😎
My good friend Ayel cutting the pork strips into bite-size portions😘
Putting the meat...😅(Every step is documented LOL)
Fast-forward... Our samgyupsal is cooked! Yay🤞
A photo of my "plate"😁
I ate so many platefuls ~burp~ 😃*excuse me😅
Mukbang or meokbang (먹방) Vlog Episode 1: Action!🤣 STEP 1
Mukbang or meokbang (먹방) Vlog Episode 1: Action!🤣 STEP 2
Mukbang or meokbang (먹방) Vlog Episode 1: Action!🤣 STEP 3

Good food with great friends
#TheTrio Reunited

Ayel, Zelle, and I👯👯 Grateful for them~!💜
One two😅
At the back, you can see that this restaurant strictly observes social distancing and they do not have airconditioning, the windows are wide open, as what the "health protocols" during MECQ require. Thus it is safe for "dine-in".

Backstory: The three of us were schoolmates in high school but we forged our friendship/sisterhood way back in 2015 as we became workmates. But Zelle and Ayel were already close friends as they were neighbours and friends in elementary school. 💜
Story continuation: When we went separate ways in mid-2016 because I had a different career path, the three of us do not hang out as much, unlike when we were workmates (when our schedules were kinda same, so we had the same Days Off). But I am still so happy that despite the "distance" when we hang out and talk, we can still be our 'crazy' selves LOL and we can share anything under the sun. (Also they do not get annoyed when I talk too much which I do "most of the time" LOL).💜

My Food Review


I have been to Han Pork six to eight times already. My first experience was way back in 2019, and it was still at 299 PHP at that time. Being a person who loves samgyupsal (I started to love it in 2015), I recommend Han Pork for the following:

  1. Their side dishes are YUMMY and not to mention it is unlimited;
  2. Their price is reasonable for the quality and quantity of Korean food you get to enjoy;
  3. Their pork may not be as varied as other restaurants offer, but it can satisfy your samgyupsal craving nonetheless;
  4. Their friendly staff is quick to respond to the needs of the hungry customers;
  5. The location is strategic, so it is easily accessible. It is at the heart of Metro Cebu--Mango Avenue, near Fuente Osmena Circle.
  6. If you are a fan of Korean cuisine, it is good "value-of-money" or as we say in Tagalong it's "sulit".


We had lunch for about two hours here, we had so much catching up to do and eating to do as well LOL. I was so full from all the eating during this "heavy lunch" that I did not eat any dinner at all. (Talk about value-for-money, right?)🙌

Here is my rating based on what I had shared with you today: 8 out of 10 stars! 🌟 (My 10 stars for Unli Samgyupsal is Yoshimeatsu and 9 for Barangay Seoul and Samgyupsalamat, which I will share on my next food posts hehe)

For more Food Reviews about Han Pork, you may visit here.

‘Til the next post, hivers! Remember that you are loved beyond borders and beyond time & space. Okay? Okay. 💛❤️

BRB: eating~~ (haha) 🤙 Ciao for now! 🤗🥰

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