Jong CL Who? A Quick Self- Introduction

“Jong CL who?”
The Write to Wander Blogger and Writer for Seek God First PH

Annyeong, Hivers! Hello, all! My name is Joanna, and I go by the name Jong CL.

I am a teacher by profession who has a love for writing and reading and a deep hunger and thirst to know more about this expansive world around me. Every single day, I like to consider myself as a student of the Universe because I have a lot more to learn about the secrets of life and love. Ever since I can think for myself, the question “what is the meaning of all this life” has been on my lips, and I have asked this question to lots of people I’ve met. Guess what? I have finally found the answer!

Quick info about me as a blogger: I started blogging last 2014 because I was inspired by my big sister (Sassy Cebuana) who’s a blogger. I learned to love dressing up when I reached my teenage years, all because of her influence in my life. I was glad to have met friends with the same interest when I was in college. In fact, we used to arrange random out-of-towns just to have photoshoots, in order to pose with our OOTDs. My love for fashion and photography grew because of that. Below is a screenshot of my blog:

the write to wander.png

I have been single since birth because I am a millennial-borderline-GenZ with an old soul. I love the old-fashioned way of courtship. I love writing letters. I have many letters written on my phone and on my journal. I find writing therapeutic. I am a “trying hard” poet, too. I have many unpublished poems and letters and articles about life and love and healing and pain and heartbreak. I hope to share these in this platform. I love almost all kinds of tea, too. And coffee. I won’t bore you with the things I love (I have lots of things that interest me and I cannot be placed in a box lol) because the photos will tell you.

I have been into self-help books my whole college life. I am a sucker for the whole “motivational” game. I know you know what I mean. I ~WAS~ EXTREMELY INTO IT! Almost all the people who know me or have personally met me would say that I am too optimistic and cheerful and motivated and talkative and funny and full of energy—the life of the party. Yes, I am this girl, but also I am so much more than this. It is because now more than ever, I have gained wisdom far beyond the “self-help industry”, and have finally found the meaning of life.

I am so excited to share with you all the things I have learned as I slowly (but surely) discover the essence and meaning of life. Now I can boldly say that at this point in my twenties, for the first time ever in twenty-seven years, the thought of death do not scare me as compared to before. I like to break the stigma about this “fear of death” that we humans all have. It is a natural part of life but people do not often talk about it. So I guess it will be something that I can share with you—that we should not be afraid of death. I like to write about difficult things that we need to talk about as a society—because we have to not be afraid of the reality and instead embrace it—life and death, both.

I want to talk about scars and loss and heartbreaks and pain and hurts—the essence of our humanity. I want to talk about healing and restoration and meditation and real peace and deep joy—the fabric that holds our existence into alignment with God. Lastly, who is Jong CL? She is a child of the King of Kings—God Almighty.

I am profoundly grateful to the Cebu Hive Team for this opportunity. I pray that this platform cannot just motivate you but also inspire you all to live the full life we are all designed to live.

Visit these platforms to see and read my writings and to know more about what matters to me: Instagram (Seek God First or SGF), Facebook (SGF), and my website 😊

‘Til the next post, hivers! Remember that you are loved beyond borders and beyond time & space. Okay? Okay.

Ciao for now!