Here's Why You're Tired: You Run Too Much, Going in Circles, Never Really Going Anywhere


Here's Why You're Tired
You run around in circles.

We humans have the common problem of running to the wrong sources in the hopes of getting answers to our deepest existential questions and to our deepest unspoken hurts etched in our hearts and souls.

We run to the wrong people. We "unconsciously" give expectations to them. We "quietly" DEMAND: heal me or fix me or love me or validate my existence. We somehow forget that: People disappoint us because we are so limited. You can disappoint others as much as they can disappoint you. So why do we run to people in the hopes of healing the broken parts of us?

We run to the wrong places. We run to Wealth/Money. We run to our Businesses. Some run to illegal Drugs for comfort and validation. Some run to Alcohol or Sex or the many Vices here and there. It's as if we as people always chase after the "next high" to validate our very existence. I am not saying that money or businesses are WRONG. The point I'm trying to make is that when your love for money is greater than your love for God and love for the people around you-- then that becomes the problem. So why do we run to these material possessions and things in the hopes of healing the broken parts of us?

We run to the wrong activities. Either too much or too little. We overeat. We under-eat. We oversleep. We under-sleep. We overwork. We under-work. We over-surf the Internet. We under-surf. We overplay. We under-play. We overwatch. We under-watch. I think you're getting where I'm going at this point. We try to look for healing in trying to be a "human doing" and not a human being. We hope that in our hustle and bustle (or in inactivity), we can heal whatever is hurting in our core.

Every human being with his/her heart beating is broken. WE ALL ARE. From a Biblical perspective, when sin entered the world, all humans are then broken because of that. From a scientific perspective, as genetics play a big role in our lives, we are products of our ancestors, with their DNA, carrying all the possible "genetic" diseases/illnesses, thus, we are broken people as a result. Scientifically and theologically, we humans are all broken, and none of us are perfect, and so long as we're on Earth, we can never attain perfection.

We are all broken. To deny that we are not (broken) is to cling to untruth.

Whether we "consciously" realize this in our twenties or in our thirties or maybe in our fifties, somehow, at some point in our lives, our brokenness has a way of surfacing in our daily activities.

The feeling of insecurity is a very concrete example of our human brokenness. This manifests in our behaviour and the way we do our relationships. Raise your hand if at some point in your life you have felt insecure. I'm right there with you, too. And we all know it's a crippling feeling, taking away our capacity to fully trust people in our lives. We always need the feel to be always in control. We cannot let our hearts rest because we need to be on the alert at all times: making sure the people we love are honest to us and truly love us.

We feel insecure, and so we do all that we can, with all our might, ever so eager to try to be "secure", and place our security in our relationships, our career, our health, our money, our material possessions, our wealth, our business, etcetera.

All these above-mentioned people and wealth and things are TEMPORARY. Are you aware of that? These things can easily be gone in a snap. But why do we hold on our precious lives to these temporary things and place our security in the very things that are "insecure" in the first place?

Who do we run to for security then? This question may cross your mind right now. I'll ask you a question in response: Who do you know is the same yesterday, today and forever? Who is the Source who is secure and is never temporary but Eternal?

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13:8. (New International Version)

Our loving God is the answer, dear friends. Run to Him. Place your security in Him. Surrender your life to Him.

Find healing in God, and in God alone. Only our loving and merciful God can heal our brokenness.

Let God mend your brokenness so that you may find beauty in ashes. Let God help you find the way to real, lasting healing, so that you may ~finally~ find yourself, too. When you peel back the layers you put on as your shield, deep down, deep in your core: who are you? Who are you without all the possessions and power and career and fame and people? Who are you, really?

When you let God help you heal, you will experience the joy and peace and love that is beyond your wildest imagination, so much so that it overflows, and you cannot even begin to describe how it's possible to feel such a way.

Stop running in circles. I know you're tired of being so tired. I know you're tired of feeling insecure, of feeling not ever enough, of feeling worthless, of feeling lost and scared and uncertain and anxious and depressed and sad. I know. You are tired. Of course, you are. You're broken. You need mending. You need healing.

Run to the Eternal Source of Love, Mercy, Compassion and Loving-kindness. Run to God. And experience healing to the dark recesses of your heart that need His light. When you run to God, the next time you run, God will be running with you and cheering you on as well, and never ever again will you have to run alone. Never. Never will you feel "this" tired again. Never.

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