Bamboo Forest in Medellin Now Re-Opened | Cebu, Philippines

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Medellin is a provincial town located in the Northern part of the island and has been labelled as the “sugar bowl” of Cebu. This town is famous for its “Funtastic Island” in Gibitngil. In fact, many tourists go there to explore the beauty of the beach and the adventure it awaits.

The recent tourist spot of this town is the man-made Bamboo Forest. It is the place that gives you the right amount of Japanese scenery and K-Drama vibes altogether.

It is a beauty! This is located in Barangay Luy-a (Brgy. Luy-a, Medellin, Northern Cebu—around 3-4 hours away from Cebu City).

The entrance fee is just 20 pesos, and you get to enjoy and soak in the beauty and bliss that is nature. And if you’re lucky, you get to hear the songs of birds in the forest, too!

I went there recently about two weeks ago when it has been re-opened for tourists after it has been closed for a while because of the pandemic.

I am so glad and excited that slowly, Cebu is once again a safer place for local tourists, and that we can once again explore this beautiful island. A proud Cebuana here! 😘

So, how do you get there?

From Cebu City, go to the North Bus Terminal. Ride any bus or v-hire cars for Medellin via Kawit. The bus fare is around ₱185.00 for one person (1 ticket) and the v-hire is ₱175.00 for one person (1 ticket). Estimated travel time (ETT) is 3 to 4 hours. You may drop off at Poblacion, Medellin. From there, you may ride a tricycle going to the Bamboo Forest. It should take around 5-6 minutes.

I hope you can visit the place sometime soon. It is worth your 20 pesos, that’s for sure!

Have you been here? Do share! 💛 Comment down below and tell me your trip to this forest.

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