a conversation with me, ten years from now

a conversation with me, ten years from now.
by Jong

hi, how have you been? i hope life has
been good to you. your younger version
hopes that you are doing pretty well now.

me? i'm not really sure how to answer that.
this pandemic has gotten the best of me.
days look and feel the same. it looks to me
that Lethargy is my middle name. most days
i don't know how to feel when the sunshine
slithers through my windowsill. i used to smile
at the sun, excitement drawing lines around my
eyes. i wonder when was the last time i felt
that way. was it years ago? it kind of feel like
it has been a long while since then. future
me, when you read this, tell me how you managed
to get through all this. my heart breaks every
day. countless of lives are lost. i
grieve for the world. humanity is breaking
apart. wars break out. and then there are the silent battles no
one talk about. my heart is heavy. i do not know
why it seems to carry the world in it. now more
than ever, this heart seem to hear whispers of
the winds, carrying the deepest prayers of
desperate people. i do not know what to do with
the whirlwind of feelings that stir me. my heart
just weeps. shatters. breaks into a million
pieces and it breaks some more. some days i
beg for the gods to stop the beats of my haywired

I know I do.

Above is a poem I wrote in September last year.

My heart was heavy with grief I cannot properly describe. I was in my room. I could not get out. The news about the deaths due to the virus filled my entire being, with the numbers increasing every day, so does my anxiety-filled heart. It was so heavy that it consumed me for days and days and days, seeming without end.

Whenever my mind is filled with misery and sorrow, I usually focus my mind on things that make me feel grateful for each breath I get to take. Nature helps me see the beauty in dark times. Whenever I see any sorts of flowers, I do not know why my heart is filled with "grandeur of radiance", as I call it. It is true what they say that "beautiful things do not need to show off to get your attention, they just show up and captivate all people's hearts". That's the way flowers are for me. Nature captivates me. Indeed I am a simple woman with the simplest of joys. I love all kinds and colours of sunrises and sunsets, too. My heart is filled with love and hope as I get to behold the beauty in this gloriously enchanting Earth.

Below are photographs of my little nuggets of bliss:

I was walking with my friend and I had to tell her that need to stop and take a photo. All these colours make my day extra happy.





I was about to ride a tricyle but this caught my attention and I have to capture it.
They are pretty wild flowers.
Sometimes I wish fairies were real.













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